Work Management


Working with a team often means each person organising their own “to-do” lists for selling or delivering services. This means that follow-ups can be erratic, and there is no overall view of what is happening.

With Logical Office’s Action List you see all your actions grouped into overdue (red) , do it now (blue), or future (black) categories. Ask yourself right now: Do you really know what all you and your colleagues are working on? If one of your colleagues doesn’t show up for work, simply check their action list to see what needs doing. If anybody is falling behind in their work, the action list will be glowing red.

See all actions including what your colleagues should be doing, for:

  1. A particular client, prospect or supplier
  2. Any job you are working on.
  3. Any other user.

Actions can be re-scheduled between staff either as single actions or a group of actions. LOGICAL ANALYST Logical Office controls anything you want to track related to an account. Because these “things” can be anything we call them EVENTS.

Examples of what our customer use Events for are:

  1. Sales opportunities
  2. Contract renewals
  3. Annual or periodical account reviews.
  4. Publication deadlines
  5. For accountants: Year End Accounts, VAT, Payroll, Self-Assessments, Annual Returns.
  6. Subscription Renewals
  7. Projects

Events can also be filing headings like:

  1. Correspondence
  2. Contracts
  3. Work done

You can create your own Event types. Clicking on an Event shows you all the account history for that Event. You can also record time on an Event, and see the total time to-date, plus outstanding actions, notes and custom data.

Logical Analyst gives you a spreadsheet-style view of all Events, or a particular type of Event. This might include seeing what was due this month (or any period) for :

  1. All sales opportunities, or just the “hot” ones, or any other classification
  2. All contract renewals
  3. All self-assessments, or VAT returns, or Year End Accounts etc.

See the value of all these events, who is working on them, the period, date, status, group and other details, without the inconvenience of using spreadsheets.

Logical Analyst and the Action List make it easy for you to manage heavy workloads and make sure deadlines are met or beaten.

Workflows can also be used to create timely actions, generate communication to clients, and update files to further streamline your working processes (see the Workflows section).

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