Irritated searching for client data?


  • You spend too much time searching for client emails and documents.
  • You have to look in more than one place.
  • There is no single view in date order.
  • Documents may be deleted – there’s no way of knowing.
  • Updating files takes too much manual effort.
  • Reviewing files means opening and closing every document.


  • You see a single view of all client communication.
  • You can read the file like a paper file, but without opening each record.
  • Searching is easy, and documents can’t be lost – even when deleted.
  • Filtering options give you many views e.g. for a job, user, or type.
  • Notes are consolidated so you don’t have to search the whole file to see all the notes.
  • Scanning or dragging/dropping documents into the history is quick and easy so the file is always up-to-date.
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