Logical Office is a Microsoft Office compatible product running with an SQL database. It has a similar look and feel to current Microsoft products. The core of the paperless office is the client file HISTORY which is held in one place. This includes all emails, letters, file notes, SMS messages, actions, diary appointments, financial information, time recorded, Workflows and warnings.

You can preview the file i.e. read through one document at a time without opening each document. Documents get into the history by:

  1. Scanning them direct from your scanner
  2. Dragging & dropping them from Windows
  3. Auto-filing them from Ms-Outlook – this is fully automatic
  4. Creating them yourself from the client file, which eliminates filing and allows data merging into emails, letters, and MS-Excel and SMS messages.
  5. Creating them from Workflows, which is fully automatic.

Creating new documents is easier because “recently used” templates are displayed for immediate selection without searching. Documents are held in a SECURE environment. Important documents can be highlighted, and optionally placed in an encrypted VAULT for extra security – meeting the BSI requirements for legal admissibility.

Use the HISTORY TOOLBAR to take action on any document to: 1. Print

  1. Send by email
  2. Send by email as a PDF
  3. Version i.e. converted to a later version, retaining the previous version.
  4. Complete and make “read only”
  5. Delete (although this actually means “hidden”) 7. Un-delete (revealed).
  6. Place into the encrypted vault (the vault copy can never be changed).
  7. Verify against the vault copy.
  8. Retrieve from the vault – in a case where the original has been changed. 11. Mark as “important”.

The removal of client emails from your inbox means that pressure is taken off the overloaded inbox, and emails are seen as part of the chronological history. Having all documents and correspondence IN ONE PLACE is a major step forward in efficiency. Unlike Windows, documents and directories cannot be deleted or moved so your data is SAFE.

When you open any client file, you see every email, telephone call, letter and document you’ve sent to them – and they’ve sent to you – and be instantly aware of exactly where you are in your relationship. Talk to customers confidently knowing the full history without interrupting your colleagues. Logical Office enables you to run a greener, cleaner and more efficient workplace.

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