CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Using Logical Office you can save thousands of pounds. A typical customer saves £12,000 to £25,000 per annum. This is done using increased efficiency and Workflows to replace staff and eliminate wasted time.

Logical Office does much than dealing with customers. It manages all types of ACCOUNTS (organisations or individuals) who are:

  1. Clients
  2. Suppliers
  3. Prospects
  4. Third Parties
  5. Other

When you open up an account you see the following information instantly all in ONE PLACE:

A SUMMARY of the account, including basic address information and anything of interest to you such as business type, marketing profile and web address.

DOCUMENT HISTORY – all client documents and communications listed in reverse date order.

WARNINGS showing important notes e.g. “Not open on Fridays so don’t call”.

FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS created using Logical Office’s sales ledger.

RELATIONSHIPS to other accounts.

These relationships are flexible. Standards include Employer/Employee and Company/Director but you can create any type of relationship.

EVENTS which are jobs, filing headings or any other kind of discrete information you need for the account e.g. Contract Renewal, Sales Opportunity, Project, Year-end Accounts, Self-Assessment, VAT and any other user-defined type One mouse click reveals more vital information: Future and historical

DIARY ENTRIES for all users.

ACTION HISTORY showing all outstanding work and, if required, all completed actions. WORKFLOWS attached to this account.

RECORDED TIME for this account. Having all this information means no wasting time switching programs, no confusion about who did what for the client, and no data duplication between different systems.

The SQL database means searching is rapid and you can find accounts by typing any kind of data e.g. telephone numbers, post codes, serial numbers etc.

Communicating with individuals is done by simply clicking the ADD NEW button in the history toolbar, and choosing a template.

You send emails or SMS messages in seconds. Write simple or complex letters in seconds.

Make phone or VOIP calls (e.g. Skype) and add notes to the file. Filter the history e.g. to show just your own records. The result of streamlined communications and immediate access to your action list means sales, service and support departments are “on the ball” at all times. Customers are not kept waiting on the phone while you retrieve up-to-date information.

Logical Office streamlines all communications with your clients and access to data in your office – saving hours of wasted time.

You hold any information you need using Logical Office’s custom screens. New screens and fields of any type can be created in seconds. So your database suits your business.

Logical Office gives you all the features to manage your client relationships in one easy to use affordable package.

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