Dissatisfied with your sales process?


  • You don’t have a consistent sales process and each sales person does their own thing.
  • It’s not easy to see the number or value of sales opportunities.
  • Sales quotations take too long to produce and send.
  • Email communication with prospects is not being fully tracked.
  • There is no central view of notes and documents for every sales opportunity.
  • You can’t easily see all the follow-up actions for each sales person.


  • Each sales person has an action list to ensure prompt follow-ups.
  • All email communications with prospects is tracked automatically.
  • Sales opportunities show the overall value of your pipeline with appropriate probabilities of your choice.
  • Sales quotation can be created, tailored and sent by email with a minimum of effort.
  • Targeted mail shots can be done to stimulate inactive prospects.
  • Workflows can be used to ensure a systematic approach is taken for every prospect and sales opportunity.

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