Worried you’re not running at 100% efficiency? Office in chaos!?


  • Are your systems too manual?
  • Do you suffer from staff problems?
  • Does it take too long to process customers?
  • Want to expand without taking on more staff?
  • Need CRM & Workflows but afraid it’s too complex/expensive?
  • Fed up training staff only for them to leave?


  • Tell us how you operate and we’ll advise on the right Workflow.
  • We have off-the-shelf solutions or we will build Workflows for you.
  • With our Workflow Wizard it’s quick and easy, so it’s low cost.
  • Hours of wasted time are slashed and you don’t have to rely so much on staff.
  • Our flexible Workflows mean you can change your mind at any time.
  • Workflows mean you can increase your business without hiring staff.

Workflow systems offer MASSIVE EFFICIENCY SAVINGS – typically £25,000 annually – because the computer replaces staff for repetitive work – just like car assembly lines – but in software form. The problem is that programming a Workflow is usually expensive, time consuming and risky – without the proper expertise bugs may arise which destroy your data and sap your confidence. Not so with Logical Office.

Creating a Workflow has never been easier with our WORKFLOW WIZARD that allows you to select from our standard command set linked to standard and custom merge codes.

Logical Office Workflows solve common office efficiency problems, because they are quick and easy to write, and our WORKFLOW SYNTAX CHECKER means you can’t run a Workflow that won’t work!

We’ve proved this by automating many repetitive processes such as deadline management for accountants, sales lead processing, auto-responding to web enquires, automatic invoicing, subscription renewals and so on – there is no end to the processes you can streamline.

Our SCHEDULER runs Workflows only when you need them, so you can confidently forget boring repetitive administration and get on with building your business or revenue earning work.

The video below is the very simplest example of how a Workflow can write letters and create actions. There are many more jobs you can automate cutting staff time and improving quality.

Why wait to STREAMLINE YOUR BUSY OFFICE SYSTEMS? Contact us now for more information and a personalised demonstration – call 020 7482 7077.

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