Logical Office unlocks your potential sales because it:

  1. Provides an easy to use action list so all follow up calls are made on time without the nuisance of switching programs.
  2. Gets standard or tailored sales quotations out faster and more accurately by using templates which avoid boring repetitive typing and mistakes. Items may be selected from a product file with standard prices and descriptions.
  3. Sends sales quotations in any currency so dealing with overseas accounts is easy.
  4. Provides the up-to-date position on every prospect by tracking all emails to and from them, showing the exact date and time they were sent/received without the hassle of searching your email inbox.
  5. Tracks sales opportunities showing value for each stage of the sales process.
  6. Reports on overall value and progress of all opportunities and analyses them by salesperson, status, group and period – or any other variables.
  7. Shows all PROMOTIONS which are things you sell requiring more control and involving third parties e.g. training courses, vacancies, seminars, houses, property management contracts etc. You see all parties involved including potential buyers, vendors, and associated companies. You see which stage each party has reached. For fast access to current work, recently accessed accounts and “hot prospects” can be found immediately from the RECENTS view.

Logical Office gives you control over every stage of the sales process.

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