Worried your clients feel neglected?


  • You’re too busy to make account management calls to clients.
  • The assumption is “if I don’t hear from them they’re fine”.
  • You don’t try to cross-sell services because you have enough business already.
  • You’re chasing new business and don’t have time for existing clients.
  • There’s no easy way to keep in touch with them and sending emails takes time.
  • It you call them they’re busy so you’ve wasted a phone call.


  • Use Workflows to ensure a systematic approach will scheduled account management calls.
  • Keep in touch with clients by using automated occasional emails which can be personalised.
  • Keep a track of all communications and details about clients to deliver a personal service.
  • See account management reminders in your action list, or delegate them.
  • No need to worry about clients thinking they are neglected.
  • Do everything you can to retain existing clients as well as taking on new ones.

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