CRM with
Automation &
Email Management

Logical Office cuts wasted time and grows your business faster

Our Workflow-driven CRM unshackles you
from inefficiency!

Manages emails

Outlook emails are copied to client files, and show as FILED in your inbox. This not only saves time, but means a 100% up-to-date client file, and no more searching for lost emails. Your inbox can finally be cleaned out without wasting hours of time.


Chases clients for you

Instead of running off reports from Excel or other systems, then having to chase clients yourself, let our workflows do it for you. Workflows know exactly when to chase by email, text message or even letters. This saves hours of time and releases your staff for more productive work.


Sends email shots

Why pay for external email providers requiring a separate database when you can mail shot direct from Logical Office to clients or prospects. Manage your campaigns and automate regular reminders so a series of emails can be sent without trying to manage dates and who has or hasn’t received mailers already.


Cuts typing & filing

Our template library creates new emails, text messages or letters in seconds with data fully merged without typing time or errors. Templates are fully compatible with Ms-Office and you add your own or change our standard library. Send complex communications with little or no typing and no filing.


Records time

Records Time Records in real-time for any job. Flexible configuration of rates for time recorders/job types. Time-sheets may be entered/amended manually.
Aged WIP report available instantly. Billed, Unbilled, Written-Off time available for client/job/time-recorder etc.


Speeds communication

Integrate your telephone system and you’ll call contacts with one mouse click. You’ll see who’s calling in so the right person can pick up. Using templates to create communications to clients saves hours of typing time and all emails are editable before sending. No need to type salutations or names.


Links Sage/Xero or QB

Use Ms-Word templates to raise invoices in your preferred accounting system, or use our on-board sales and purchase ledgers. View account balances and post payments all without logging into other systems. Two way integration saves time and provides greater security and more features.


Automates work

Integrated Workflows replace tedious repetitive work and provide systematic work management. Unparalleled flexibility means you control every stage of any job.  No more list checking or manually chasing prospects/clients/suppliers. The future is automation and it’s here now.


and much more! Used by leading accountants – check our Trustpilot Reviews

One Integrated System

  • CRM
  • Email Auto-Filing
  • Paperless Office
  • Time Recording & Billing
  • Accounts
  • Debt Recovery
  • Marketing
  • Diary
  • SMS message integration
  • E-Signing Integration
  • AML & ID checking
  • Standard Workflows
  • Custom Workflows
  • Data Imports
  • Integration to SQL
  • Custom Screens
  • Promotions
  • Event Analysis
  • Flexible Database
  • Sales Quotations
  • Companies House link

Works right out of the box – no wasted time “building” a solution.

Workflows take the strain, avoid the pain

Why struggle on manually and suffer from:

  • Missed deadlines, lost orders
  • Patchy customer service
  • Longer working hours
  • Paper-bound systems
  • Demotivated, stressed staff

Why hire staff to do the work and face:

  • Expensive retraining if they leave
  • Salary and NI payments
  • Patchy service when they’re away
  • Reliance on individuals
  • Management headaches

Workflow users save
££ thousands p.a

Super Flexible

New Screens & Data fields Built in Seconds

Logical Office builds systems in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.  Screens are created in seconds, and new fields are added instantly to all database screens in real-time. Every new field comes with an easy cut and paste merge code.  Move fields around to re-design screens without affecting existing data. Unlike cumbersome, expensive methods, Logical Office solves processing problems and can be evolved as requirements change.

Workflow Wizard speeds development

Our integrated Wizard contains a command library for writing fast, flexible workflow programs which compare dates, interrogate data fields, and produce complex mail merged output i.e. emails, text messages, portal uploads and printed documents. Auto-PDF conversion and encryption is included, as well as electronic document signing. Solving your business problems has never been easier and more cost-effective.

Status-Based Workflows are easy to change and enhance

Commands within Workflows are added in seconds, or changed by selecting different data fields, templates from the template library, or standard actions created to advise users or teams to take action when required. Workflows are run manually or in fully automatic/scheduled mode. Templates can be cloned for rapid system building. You have full control of all communications with clients, actions, and users/teams allocated to jobs.

No expensive time wasting program changes needed

Our Wizard “builds” new commands in seconds which cannot fail due to the on-board syntax checker. Editing workflows allows new commands to be built without programming knowledge. Dates trigger actions without list checking or manual effort. Auto-upload documents to MyDocSafe integrated portal for e-signing and no-fuss filing. Using workflows is like hiring a virtual worker but at lower cost and higher attendance!

Works right out of the box – no wasted time “building” a solution.

Training, Support & Updates

  • Online training videos and PDF downloads – unlimited usage
  • Help desk support from UK-based product experts
  • Program updates are automatically downloaded
  • In Professional personalised webinar training

“Peace of mind” terms of business

  • Easy monthly payments
  • One month notice period
  • No long term contracts
  • No data “tie in”
  • All documents held in original formats
  • Cloud or on-premise data storage

Installation: Fast & Easy

Data imported from spreadsheets

Simply export your data into a spreadsheet and we’ll import this into Logical Office’s standard data fields or any custom fields required. Setup customers, suppliers, prospects and jobs quickly. Import time recorded into Logical Office’s on-board time and billing system.  Reference numbers are auto-created or imported. Changing systems is easy, fast and low-cost.

Direct links to SQL

Logical Office uses an  industry standard SQL database so links to other databases are easy to establish. Setting up clients is done via the SQL link which also “tops-up” data from the external database e.g. IRIS, DIGITA, CCH Taxcalc – any SQL database. Your data is available to you and other programs. If you’re not using SQL – time to change!

Immediate link to Ms-Outlook for email auto-filing

Save your over-bloated inbox! 95% of communication is by email yet many organisations have no centralised filing system! With Logical office all staff know the up-to-date position without wasting time filing or searching. Users can’t delete emails which you’ll never know about.  End email chaos and confusion forever while saving time and money too.

Easy job set ups with on-board utilities

Setup is an obstacle to changing systems, but not for us! We’ll take your data from SQL or spreadsheets and create client accounts and jobs quickly to speed up transition from your existing system. Our utilities import documents from existing systems like Virtual Cabinet without manual effort. We save hours of your time so you can go-live faster.

We help to get you running fast