Logical Office does your marketing in various ways. Logical Office:

  1. Takes leads from web site forms and creates new prospect records so you avoid the nuisance of typing them in.
  2. Sends automatic responses to web enquires, so prospects see how efficient you are.
  3. Schedules follow up actions, so you don’t forget to call interested prospects.
  4. Runs automatic campaigns by sending a series of emails at pre-defined intervals, so your prospects don’t forget you and you can sell to them based on a variety of approaches.
  5. Sends on demand mailshots to all, or a selection of contacts, so you can take advantage of current news topics such as changes in legislation to stimulate interest.

Send emails, SMS messages or letters.

Prospects (organisations or individuals) can be assigned with relevant “mailing categories” of your choice. Targeted mail shots are done by selecting combinations of mailing. Follow up actions are created as part of mail shots so that a campaign of mail shot followed by telephone call is easy to administer. Call backs simply appear in your actions list and turn blue when the call is due. It couldn’t be easier. Because details of each mail shot can be retained, you are able to base mail shots on past campaigns to include contacts who have or have not had previous mailers.

Logical Office can boost your lead acquisition and develop prospects which otherwise go cold and fade away.


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