Unhappy with time recording?


  • You’re constantly switching programs to record time.
  • It’s not easy for you to record in real-time i.e. as it happens.
  • You don’t record time so you’re unsure of the profitability of certain jobs.
  • It’s not easy to see where all the time went for you or other staff.
  • You don’t know if some of your customers are worth it as they take up too much time.
  • You’re not sure if you should charge more.


  • Time can be recorded instantly.
  • You know the profitability of every job costed accurately.
  • You determine your own charge units and rates.
  • You can see the time spent on every client, every job, by every time recorder.
  • The overall picture of time spent by time recorders is available immediately.
  • You can bill direct from time or just use time recording for information only.
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