Time Recording & Billing

Recording time in real-time requires a couple of mouse clicks without switching programs, avoiding the pain of filling in time sheets. Review your time sheet at the end of the day, or week to make adjustments or add extra time. See time billed for:-
1.         Yourself, for any time period
2.         Any kind of job
3.         An account (client, supplier or prospect)

Recorded time can be unbilled, non-chargeable, or written off. You can bill time and create invoices direct from time entries.

You can bill all time entries, selected time entries, write-off balances, add supplements, and override values to create a bill which appears instantly both in the account history as a Word document and the financial windows as a sales invoice.

Because Logical Office is an integrated system all this works without the bother of changing programs and re-entering data.

Time can be billed in units of your choice. Even if you don’t bill your time recording it is useful to see if you are losing money on difficult work.

With our TimeDesk feature, switching between recording time on current jobs couldn’t be easier!

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