The Promotions feature in Logical Office allows management of complex multi-relational sales.


Promoting a training course, you track all the attendees, see re;evant information about the course, see all the suppliers providing equipment, and the status of any trainers or guests. Before the course is due to run you send emails or SMS text messages to remind attendees.

Promoting a property sale you track the interested parties and see what stage they are at (viewing, offer etc) as well as the vendor and any other parties like solicitors, surveyors, and building societies.

Recruitment agencies want to see who has applied for a vacancy and what stage they are at (CV, interview, offer) details about the company hiring and other third parties like references.

Mail shots are sent linked to promotions so details about the product can be included e.g. for a training course attendees will want to know the venue address, time, contact details etc.

Custom screens show any kind of data and you define your own promotion types and statuses so the system can be tailored to suit you at low cost.

The Promotions feature means the left hand knows what the right hand is doing in complex multi-party sales.

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