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Many organisations squander thousands by paying people to do the same job over and over. Workflows make massive savings by making the computer do these jobs instead.

The problem is that Workflows are typically complicated and expensive. With Logical Office you can develop a Workflow in a few hours that will save hundreds of hours of manpower time in the future. With our rapid development environment you create custom screens and data fields in seconds, complete with data merge codes. Changes to existing screens are reflected throughout the database instantly.

One of our users converts petrol engines to LPG gas. They saved £20,000 per annum by automating the process of manually entering sales leads from a web site, preparing a complex sales quotation for the customer, sending it to them, and booking a follow up. This job was automated saving a full time salesperson in the process.

A firm of accountants saved £12,000 by replacing two part-time staff with Workflows to process all their time critical work.

You can have these incredible savings with minimal effort and investment. If we don’t have a pre-written Workflow for you already, just describe your current process – what happens when, what letters or emails are sent, what action needs to be taken, and what data needs to be held and updated. Custom Workflows are then written, by us or you, to automate your business processes.

When a deadline approaches you create new actions in your task list, or send an email, or write a letter, or change data on a file. Letters can be printed or emailed as PDFs.

Using our Workflow “Wizard” new commands can be added within seconds and are guaranteed to work because each command is built from a standard library and syntax checked immediately. Workflows can be used to automate many business functions e.g.

  • Sending invoices at month or year end
  • Reminding customers of contract renewals
  • Debt chasing for overdue accounts up to county court summons
  • Controlling deadlines for any time-critical jobs
  • Sending a series of emails or letters or even SMS messaging
  • Creating customer care calls based on a systematic calendar
  • Chasing for sales orders

Logical Office Workflows are processed by our Logical Worker – a virtual office helper who tirelessly checks all relevant data and springs into action when a date triggers an action or when data is changed.

Accountants find this essential for processing all their deadline work such as Year End Accounts, VAT, Payroll, Self-Assessments, and Annual Returns which is one of the reasons why there are so many accountants using Logical Office.

Your web site can be integrated so that data captured can be processed by Logical Worker to automatically respond, prepare sales quotations, update files and create reminder actions.

It’s like having an extra pair of hands in the office – without pay, overtime, sickness or holiday leave! Human error is eliminated, but more importantly staff can be released to more useful work.

Workflows will save your time, but also standardise your service levels which leads to happier customers, more orders, more profit.

Logical Worker – the easy way to save time and become super-efficient!

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