Frustrated by too much typing?


  • Typically sending an email can take minutes, and involves lots of typing.
  • Writing letters can be painful, and then you have to name and save them.
  • Saving letters to Windows directories wastes time and is open to errors.
  • You can’t easily merge data so you waste more time typing.
  • If you hit SAVE instead of SAVE AS you overwrite your existing document.
  • Everybody does their own thing and the quality of correspondence is inconsistent .


  • Using templates your emails, letters and SMS messages are fast, easy and accurate.
  • All outgoing communications are filed for you, without any effort.
  • You avoid navigating insecure Windows directories and typing file names.
  • Less typing means fewer errors for a more professional service.
  • No more typing names, addresses or data because it is merged instantly.
  • Your recent templates are immediately shown so no wasted time searching.
Discover how to really save time!