Diary & Group Planner

Logical Office also includes an integrated diary, to manage both your external sales meetings and your general working day. The individual view shows you appointments for an 8 week period, and the group view includes all members of your organisation or selected team. Find a slot in the diary for important work in seconds.

Find availability for multiple resources (cars, people, rooms etc) in seconds and book them all with one entry. Using pre-defined appointment types, you avoid irritating repetitive typing of client names and appointment types.

For example you book an appointment like this:

1 Nov 2014 10:30 17 ACME BUILDERS LTD Site Visit – with Sam Jones

… all  without using the keyboard.

Because the Diary is integrated you can find the account instantly from the diary entry. A full tracking history is kept for all diary bookings so you can see who created the booking, who amended it, and the date of changes. Diary bookings can be deleted but deleted entries can be revealed to see where appointments were changed.

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