Debt Recovery

This Workflow relieves you from the tedious and unpalatable job of chasing clients for payment.

Once set-up, it is fully automatic so you save time as well as increasing cash flow.

Debt Retriever calculates overdue amounts based on each client’s payment terms, and automatically sends email statements at pre-defined times. Statements can also be printed or sent by SMS texts.

If an overdue amount is found, DEBT RETRIEVER sniffs it out and sends an overdue payment request by email. If payment is not received within your preferred time, another reminder is sent. If payment is still not received an action is scheduled for you to initiate legal proceedings, or follow up manually. If payment is still not received an “URGENT FINAL NOTICE BEFORE PROCEEDING IN THE COUNTY COURT” email is sent, and statements continue thereafter every week.

You can change the number and content of chasers, and the frequency.

DEBT RETRIEVER is part of Logical Office so all email correspondence is tracked automatically. Emails from clients are copied from your Ms-Outlook inbox to the appropriate client file.

You can keep file notes about promised payments, to provide a full audit trail which will be vital if court action is required.

Your action list will inform you immediately when a debt becomes due for legal action.

Our flexible DEBT RETRIEVER Workflow can be customised rapidly to vary the chasing periods, determine when actions are created, and choose emails or printed reminders. You can extend the system to pass bad debts to your lawyers automatically.

Once set up DEBT RETRIEVER will chase your overdue payments and issue regular statements to clients with no manual effort.

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