Data Management

Logical Office is a relational database which comes “out of the box” with a business model suitable for any small business and fully integrating to Ms-Office. The supported database is SQL which is an industry standard, avoiding any worrying “lock-in” of data or the problems of proprietary systems. External SQL databases can be linked to provide on-demand or scheduled updates avoiding the tiresome and error-prone work maintaining two databases. Relationships are built-in so that you see all relationships e.g. all employees for an organisation, or all companies for which an individual is a director, or all companies supported by an IT technician – or any other relationships you require. Clicking on a relationship will take you straight to the related account. This easy navigation save time searching. You can define your own relationships. File maintenance is available for the standard system e.g.

  1. Users
  2. Document templates
  3. User actions
  4. Relationship types
  5. Currencies
  6. Relationship types
  7. Mailing categories and groups
  8. Promotions
  9. Products
  10. Diary resources and types
  11. Events

The standard system can be further customised by adding:

  1. Data screens, each containing up to 32 fields
  2. Data fields of any type – dates, numbers, amounts, text, drop-down selections etc
  3. Workflows

Custom screens and fields can be created in seconds. New fields are immediately available on all screens, are included in searches, and come with automatically generated merge codes. Account data includes links to external databases, portal references, and marketing profiles. Data can be imported by using:

  1. The standard import for organisations and individuals
  2. The eCommand processor – an advanced data mapping program allowing import of any data.

Financial transaction data can be exported direct to Excel for importing into other accounting software, or analysing in Excel. Events can be exported direct to Excel for further manipulation or analysis, or just to get a copy.

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