Logical Office comes with a full toolbox of two way communication options all available from the account in view, so no switching to different programs, or grabbing other devices. Because communication is initiated from the account, a record is created in the account history so everybody know what is going on. Logical Office communicates by:

  1. Emails, which are tracked automatically and filed in the relevant account.
  2. Letters, which can be printed, but we recommend sending them as email attachments either in original form or as PDFs.
  3. SMS messages which send straight from Logical Office where a record is kept in the account history. You can also automatically file returned SMS messages if you set up a “virtual mobile” number with TEXTLOCAL, our message forwarding company. SMS messages cost only a few pence to send, and add another dimension to your communications.
  4. Phone calls. If you require CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) then a tailored interface is required to initiate telephone calls.
  5. VOIP – Web phone calls are supported as standard if you use SKYPE. Other VOIP systems will need an interface as for CTI above. VOIP can be far more cost-effective than normal telephone lines but relies on good internet speed.
  6. DOCUMENT PORTAL. You can send documents to and receive from a secure client area without using emails (available 2016)

Logical Office will streamline your dialogue with clients by using templates, real-time filing, and integration to all commonly used methods of communication with the fewest of mouse clicks.

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