Worried you might forget a client follow-up?


  • You don’t have an efficient work reminder system.
  • You need to use Excel for job deadline control.
  • Each member of staff uses their own work management system.
  • Once you know what to do next, you have to search for the client file.
  • It’s not easy to see all work outstanding for one client across all your staff.
  • If one of your staff is absent you can’t easily see what they’re supposed to be doing.


  • Your Action List shows you exactly what to do as soon as you start Logical Office.
  • Client files are accessed immediately so you don’t waste time searching.
  • All outstanding actions are displayed in the client dashboard.
  • Overdue actions are obvious because they show in red at the top of your action list.
  • Actions can be scheduled for a user, team or department so everybody knows what they have to do.
  • Managers can be alerted to overdue actions if desired.
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