Fed up with paper-bound systems?


  • Retrieving paper files is slow and cumbersome.
  • Filing cabinet and ring binders are expensive and take up valuable office space.
  • You don’t get a single view of all client communications in one place.
  • You have to manually file emails when they arrive.
  • Scanning documents is clumsy and you have to give every file a name.
  • When reviewing a file you have to tediously open and close every document.


  • With Logical Office you scan or drag & drop documents direct to client history.
  • The client file for every job is easy to read just like a paper file.
  • You don’t need to set up folders in Outlook or waste time filing emails.
  • Everybody knows the up-to-date position so you are confident dealing with clients.
  • Get rid of filing cabinets, ring binders.
  • Work in a tidier, more spacious and efficient workplace.
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