Are mails shots a real pain?


  • You can’t easily select different sections of your database to send a targeted mail shot.
  • You don’t have any mail shot facility in your client database.
  • Lack of a prospect database means you keep records in Excel or mix them up with clients.
  • It takes too long to send a mail shot and keep a record of what has been sent.
  • You can’t send mail shots based on previous mail shots, so double mailing the same person is likely.
  • You can’t send SMS mail shots.


  • Targeted mail shots can be done in minutes to clients or prospects.
  • A record is kept showing the complete mail shot history for every contact.
  • Output can be letters, emails, Excel or SMS messages.
  • Boolean selection of mailing categories means you can identify and target the exact market segment you want.
  • Previewing output before sending means you can identify missing data and correct it.
  • For automated mail shots you can use a Workflow to send a series of mailers without any effort.
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