Automatic Filing of Emails

You face a constant stream of emails to and from clients.

You  need to find them and read through in date order to follow a conversation or track down some information.

If you currently use your Outlook inbox as your filing system then you have some serious problems:

  • All your emails for all clients will be jumbled together. If you create folders and then drag and drop emails you’re burning time.
  • If you leave emails in your inbox then you save time filing them but waste it searching.
  • If you accidentally delete an email you then have to search your deleted items – more wasted time.
  • Eventually your overloaded Outlook directories will have to be cleared down when they become too big, losing easy access to important emails.

Logical Office solves these problems by copying emails direct from your inbox to secure client files, where you can also store other information like letters, notes, SMS messages etc.

You see the status of every email in Outlook, so you can confidently delete emails after you’ve dealt with them.

Your inbox is manageable, archiving is avoided, you don’t waste time filing emails, and you see a complete history in the client file without searching.

Automatic filing of emails saves hours of your time – about one week every year we reckon – and puts you fully in control of all your correspondence.

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