Accounting – Sales Ledger

Logical Office includes an intgegrated SALES LEDGER which means you raise invoices, credit notes and statements in a couple of mouse clicks.

Invoices, credit notes and payments are processed just like any other accounts program but much more quickly because you don’t have to switch between programs.

It is logical to have invoices filed with all other client documentation so you get a full picture of all client history without searching.

When an invoice is produced in Logical Office you have full control over editing it in MS-Word.

You send invoices and statements as PDF attachments using Logical Office’s easy templates option.

Sending statements, and chasing overdue invoices is automatic using Workflows, saving more time and improving cash flow.

At any point you can see the total invoiced plus any sales tax, in any currency, on screen.

These financial transactions can be exported to Excel, for analysis or to import into an external accounts program.

However many small businesses will only need to post the summary sales figure into their accounts software to arrive at the Profit and Loss for the period.

The combination of simplicity, speed, flexibility combined with your debts being chased means less work for you, and improved cash flow.

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