Wasting time with deadline
administration? End it now

Why waste time and money running two systems when one will do?

“Our existing data was transferred from Virtual Cabinet and we phased out that product along with IRIS Practice Management”

Tom Copson, Rowleys Accountants

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End the drudgery of chasing
clients for their SATR data

Chasing clients systematically gets
data faster so returns can be done
well in advance of the January
deadlines. Apply the same logic to all
your work types.

No need for risky Excel
spreadsheets to manage jobs

Spreadsheets aren’t efficient for
work management because they
don’t have business logic, aren’t
easily shared, duplicate data and
risk data loss.

See all client emails in one
place for improved service

When a client calls get instant access to their email history without searching overloaded inboxes or interrupting staff.

All your staff get their own
personal assistant

When the books arrive your personal virtual assistants sends an acknowledgement instantly without you wasting time.

Why take on new staff when you can use automated workflows instead?

“This is definitely a system that saves the substantial costs of an office administrator” Rajesh Kohli, Power Accountax

Some of the jobs you can automate:

Our comprehensive library of “off the shelf” workflows come fully loaded with templates, actions and statuses

Annual Allowances
ATED Returns
Automatic Billing
Bookkeeping & VAT
Charity Annual Returns
CIS Payroll
Company Secretarial
Confirmation Statements
Corporate Finance
Credit Control
CT Compliance
EMI Shares Scheme
ERS Returns

Ltd Co/LLP Annual Accounts
Management Accounts
Medical Consultancy
Medical Estimates Forms
Medical Pension Certificates
Medical Personal Expenses
New Clients
Partnership Tax Returns
Pension Audits
Personal Tax
PSA (PAYE Settlement Agreement)

QuickBooks/XERO/Sage Subscription
R&D Tax Claims
Regular Invoices
Sales Quotations & Follow Ups
SAR (Solicitor Accounts Rules) Audits
SEIS Schemes
Sole Trader/Partnership Accounts
Special Assignments
Tax Advisory
Tax Enquiries
Tax Planning

Why search for client information when you can see it all in one place?

“Since the introduction of Logical Office some of my clients have commented on how fast I can retrieve correspondence”
Jennie Tolmie, Griffin Stone & Moscrop

Email management cuts
hours of filing and typing


Filing emails is a massive waste of time but essential to maintain accurate client history. Logical Office files all emails automatically to speed up the management of communications. Using templates dramatically increases the speed of send emails. Many emails are sent by workflows with zero effort.

Our workflows are flexible
to fit your way of working


Every firm has different staff and their own way of processing work. Our workflows fit exactly because you choose the specific job stages you’re used to, the actions required, who does what when, and the content of all client communications.

Get up and running fast

  • We setup your system
  • We import your data
  • We link you to IRIS and XERO or SAGE or QuickBooks
  • We tailor your job statuses to suit your working methods and teams
  • You decide which actions are created for each job status
  • You revise our standard templates to suit your preferences

Works with


Price? Like all our systems it’s tailored to you

Depends on how many users you have, what integrations you want, how many workflows you need. Fully loaded, it will be a fraction of what you pay your staff every month. Once we’ve discussed your requirements we’ll quote a fixed price, with no contractual lock-ins, and easy monthly payments.

Our demos are personal because your requirements are unique to you. You’ll see a different way of working which saves time and makes office life easier.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.